Film: A surfer girl is “Making Waves” in Morocco

Oumaima Erhali is a 17-year-old Moroccan woman determined to surf. She believes surfing and Islam can walk together in harmony. "Making Waves" is a very interesting eight- minute surf film. The young Oumaima is part of a generation that is pushing boundaries. Oumaima won’t let stereotypes hold her back from the sport she loves. Morocco is a very traditional society, and one rarely sees women participating in water sports. But, the Moroccan society is changing. The young woman feels entirely free to express herself and do the things she wants to do. Namely surfing! “Being a Muslim comes from the heart, I like surfing because it makes me happy”, she says. Hopefully, the video will open a new chapter for aspiring surfer girls in the beautiful beaches of Morocco.


Enjoy the ocean!Enjoy the world!

The powerful 7 min short film The Coast by  Skip Armstrong reminds us to live a full and inspired life and shows that our problems are minuscule when we look at things from a different perspective. The film shows story of surfer Hayden Peters who  reveals how living life by the ocean brings him balance like no other place on earth.

I see the magic of life. I see the things that are truly meaningful to me. The experience that makes me a human being… that makes me alive.”

Hayden Peters


According to the Clymb the film combines ‘tech­niques that span the sky and dip under water allows The Coast to show­case the Pacific North­west coastal land­scape in a way that few films do. The result is part wan­der from a bird’s eye per­spec­tive and part first-person surf film, all of which cap­tures shots that bring to mind clas­sic scenes from The End­less Sum­mer.’

The journey to surf a mysterious U.K. wave

This 35 minute film “Hunt for Hipmasama”  by Oli Adams shows a  journey to find and surf an amazing wave seen only before in a photograph. This image haunted him, and sparked an eight-year odyssey, chasing a dream.

The film won the Best British Surf Film award at the London Surf Film Festival and also was selected to feature in the Kendal Mountain Festival. Hit the link below to watch the film. Pictures are taken from here


JUMP!You might fall you might fly

"Did you ever feel time is passing u by?Did you ask yourself what was stopping you?" An inspiring short  film that screened at the London Surf Film Festival  "Find Your Love"  by FatSand films  give us a beautiful and positive message. Watch this and realize that  life is short, to seize the day. Enjoy!


For a good few years Ed & Sofie Templeton had a scrap of paper, torn from a clothing brand’s catalogue, pinned to their fridge with a poem called ‘Find Your Love’ by David Hieatt on it reminding them that life is short, to seize the day and that taking risks is good. Well, in the end they did make that leap of faith, they quit their jobs, they travelled the world, they gave themselves some time and space to surf, to practice yoga, to hang out and to slow down and then set-up India’s first ever surf & yoga retreat business. It’s a film that attempts to somehow document their inspiration, to give a glimpse of Soul & Surf but ulitimately with an intention to pass their inspiration on to others who might need a little nudge to make that jump, that leap of faith. Please vote for us by clicking here:

An inspiring short surf film about passion

"Out of the black and into the blue" is the name of the short surf film by Luke Pilbeam which wins the Best Short in London surf film festival 2014. It doesn't give us only very nice cinematography but it’s also the story behind the images that makes this film inspirational. A story about passion and ambition and what it means to dedicate your every breathing minute to something. Enjoy!

A movie you have to catch: Into the sea

The 52-minute French film Into the sea, directed  by Marion Poizeau, takes a serious look at the role of surfing in society and positive cultural change around the world. In this film, receiving its world premiere at the London Surf Film Festival this week, Irish champion surfer Easkey Britton travels to Iran, taking to the water in a hijab, to become according to the film’s producers the first woman to surf there. Her aim was  to introduce surfing to the women of Iran. The idea came from a pioneering sportswomen from Iran who were excited by the possibility of learning to surf in their own country. Click here to watch the trailer

The most dangerous surf photo ever

This 15 minute mini documentary is worth your time. The ocean guarantees you nothing. The Right wave  in Western Australia is one of the heaviest waves in the world. A few weeks back Mark Mathews held a camera and pulled into a wave behind Taj Burrow. The two Australian surfers have conquered one of the world's biggest and most dangerous waves off the Western Australia coast at the same time - and captured the whole thing on camera.

The difficult thing with surf photography  is that a surf photographer has to deal with the ocean – the biggest and most unpredictable mass of matter on the planet. But Mark took a great photo. You can see the story behind the photo here.

Diamond of the Desert

In this arid African Desert, one fifth of all the diamonds in the world exist. They were so common at one point that the locals could walk across the dunes on a full moon and spot them shimmering from a far. Koa Smith + Alex Smith, Travis Smith and Dylan Goodale went to this rumored place and found a diamond of their own. This diamond, buried deep in Namibia, has been pouring out gems all season. Sit back and enjoy!

Surfing in Papua New Guinea

"I wanted to tell a story that could be more universal, mixing in a surf competition with anthropological elements.” says the director of multi-award winning documentary Splinters Adam Pesce. Splinters  is a documentary which explores the emerging indigenous surf scene in Papua New Guinea.

London Surf/Film Festival is hosting a special screening of Splinters followed by a Q&A with Andy Able, president of Surfing Association PNG and Chris Hines MBE, former director of Surfers Against Sewage,  on Wednesday, May 28  at 7.30pm, Riverside Studios, London.

Click here to read more or watch the trailer

The finest in surf cinema

Until tomorrow - 10th of May- will take place the San Diego Surf Film Festival. The 2014 SDSFF will highlight over 25 international films, dozens of filmmakers and producers in attendance, Q&As, filmmaker panel and workshops, an amazing surf art gallery, surf legends and shaping demos, beach cleanups and expression sessions. Enjoy!

Film tour for ocean lovers

All the ocean lovers will have the opportunity to share their passion for the sea in  the Ocean Film Tour. Choosing the motto 'Adventure. Action. Ocean Life' the Ocean Film Tour shows the best films about ocean adventures, water sports action and sea life films of the year. The tour started  a month ago but is being extended due to its success. It will take place in Germany in 6th and 11th of May and in the Netherlands in 7th, 8t and 9th of May. For more information click here 

The photo is taken from Ocean Film Tour facebook page