Adventuring into the heart of Africa

Enjoy this 4min trailer by Benjamin Jordan. The documentary The Boy who flies is about a young man in Malaui- Godfrey Masauli-  that risks everything to become the first Malawian paraglider pilot. 


Since taking to the skies, Godfrey has become a local hero. He travels  to schools around his country and shares his story of achieving what he thought was an impossible dream. Inspired by the impact of his work, members of the international flying and instructing communities have joined hands to to take Godfrey's dream to the next level - The School of Dreams: A self-sustaining paragliding community in Malawi, focused on education in free-flight and personal development. Click here for more information.

Children are taught about the art of free flight.

A young tailor recycles non-flyable paragliders into practical bags, kites, hammocks etc.