Top 10 Tips for Great Pictures

These are some of the things I consider  before taking a photograph. I hope they will help you  shoot  not only action sports and outdoor photography  but any kind of photography.

Think simple: Simplicity means that you have really understood the world around you. The analysis of a photograph requires short and clear readings.

Tell a story: Every photograph should have a content and a dominant element to show with artistic language. All the other elements should come together to define the emotional connections with the content.

The four corners: All areas of a photograph are part of the composition. Before defining the photographic space, think carefully what you want to include and especially to exclude.

The angle of the shot: A photograph can be taken with a lot of different angles making the subject look different. Try to think what you want to show and make the viewers believe that this is the best angle.

Look beyond the obvious: Nowadays everyone can take photographs even with his cell phone. The thing is to be different. Try to avoid clichés and experiment with creative composition.

Follow the light: The use of the light is essential for taking pictures outside or inside. Learn to see the light and the shadows and play with them.

Be yourself: A photograph is an interpretation of reality, its light, contrast and details; a result of personal choices. After all, photography is self-expression. Finding your photographic voice is a matter of experience, time, knowledge and trust.

Loosen Up: Leave your camera aside. Observe and examine. Think what you like, how you feel and what’s beauty to you. Let all your senses work for you.

Risk: If you want to be creative you have to take a risk. Try something different. Do not be afraid for any artistic failure otherwise you cannot create new paths.

Understand your gear: If you read the manual you will see that your camera has a lot of possibilities. When get to know how your camera works, you will enjoy photography more.