Let's clean the ocean and enjoy some kitesurfing

300 million tones of new plastic is created every year. There are a lot of environmental organizations that work to protect our oceans, waves, and beaches. One of those is the Ocean Ambassadors program.  A collaboration of people who are taking action on waste plastic pollution. The program aims to design and promote next generation municipal scale utilities. The Ocean Ambassadors hope to educate and facilitate on creating local jobs, close landfills and anchor renewable energy systems.

The Ocean Ambassadors are now on tour to hands on implement waste recovery systems in the nations they visit to stop plastic from entering the oceans and making the problem even bigger.

Through their voyages Ocean Ambassadors work to implement these recovery systems and offer local solutions on how to move forward.

This is just a short teaser of what they got up to recently on the magnificent Lord Howe Island.

Join them and enjoy some kiting, fishing and snorkelling whilst also educating the local community in their quest for cleaner waters.

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