Take a hike photography: There is something about Lefkada

Lefkada island in Greece is a nature photographer’s paradise! From extraordinary beaches to waterfalls, from narrow valleys to rugged seaside cliffs, Lefkada has it all. I spent a day in the “Germanika”area hiking and photographing and were pleased by the variety of scenes.

On the 12th October the mountaineering association of Preveza organized a hike on ‘Skoula’ or ‘ Mega Vouno’ mountain on the southside of Lefkada. The “Germanika area” in this mountain is named after the Germans that built their observatories there during World War II to watch the warships going to the Adriatic Sea (“Germanika”means German in Greek). There is a lot to photograph in the southern mountains of Lefkada. It is a pleasure to have so many fantastic nature subjects so close at hand. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Lefkada?